floozyI  began researching book marketing almost from the time I wrote the first word of my first novel. I read about using bookmarks as business cards and giveaways, sending out press releases, setting up booksignings, but I learned very little about marketing books on the internet. Many of the sites I went to for information about promoting a book free on the internet were simply ads for books about promoting free on the internet. This blog is intended to be a notebook detailing what I discover as I research the topic, including lists of sites for promoting books, articles about blogging, and tips on how to use social networking sites to promote without getting branded as a marketing floozy. Feel free to offer advice.

  1. Amazon Sales Tracking App by Dave Wooldridge
  2. Authors Supporting Authors by Qwantu Amaru
  3. Being a Successful Author — Magic or Work? by Sia McKye
  4. Blog Radio by Aaron Paul Lazar
  5. Blogging — Creating a Community for Your Book by Dog Ear Publishng
  6. Book Marketing 101 by Bobby Ozuna
  7. Book Marketing: Branding Yourself As an Author by John Marion Francis
  8. Book Marketing Ideas by Jim Magwood
  9. Book Marketing on the Internet: Sites for Writers By A.F. Stewart
  10. Book Marketing Tips From A.F. Stewart by A.F. Stewart
  11. Book Marketing: Writing Book Reviews by Pat Bertram
  12. Book Promotion: Blogging by Pat Bertram
  13. Book Promotion: Establishing an Online Persona by Pat Bertram
  14. Book Promotion: Five Daily Tasks by Qwantu Amaru
  15. The Book Promotion Puzzle by Pat Bertram
  16. Book Publicity for Authors — Getting the Most From Your Publicity Campaign by Dog Ear Publishing
  17. A Bookseller’s Perspective on How to Promote Your Book by Michelle Maycock.
  18. Book Stores and Book Signings by Shirley Kennett
  19. Book Stores Are the Worst Place to Sell Your Books by Dog Ear Publishing
  20. Books Don’t Sell Themselves by Sia McKye
  21. A Cheapskate Guide to Creating a Publishing Company by Ken Coffman
  22. Contacting Famous People by D.B. Pacini
  23. Creating a Book Marketing Plan by Dog Ear Publishing
  24. Creating a Teaser Trailer for Your Book by Suzette Vaughn
  25. Different Ways to Market Your Book Online by Peter N. Jones
  26. The End of the Book Marketing Business as We Know It? by Claire Collins
  27. Getting Published: No Magic Wands or Treasure Maps by Sia McKye
  28. Guerilla Book Marketing by Dog Ear Publishing
  29. Help Other Writers be More Visible by Anne Lyken-Garner
  30. How I Did My Book Signing by Christine Husom
  31. How Much Time Should an Author Spend Tweeting, Facebook-ing, and MySpacing? by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
  32. How to Annoy Readers  (Or How Not to Promote Your Book) by Olivia Cunning
  33. How to Advertise Yourself as an Author by A.F. Stewart
  34. How to Deal with Well-Meaning Friends and Readers by Laurie Foston
  35. How to Do a Blog Tour by Marshall Karp
  36. How to Set Up a Blog Tour and Why You Should by Alan Baxter
  37. The Magic of Social Networking by Pat Bertram
  38. Making the Most of MySpace by Jordan Dane
  39. Marketing the Old-Fashioned Way by Sherrie Hansen
  40. More Sites for Marketing Your Books Online by Pat Bertram
  41. The Most Important Word in Book Marketing by Pat Bertram
  42. Negative Reviews: Are They Really Negative? by Marshall Karp
  43. Never Be Afraid to Ask by Ian O’Neill
  44. Notes on Book Promotion by Pat Bertram
  45. One Introvert’s Guide to Reading at Book Signings by Mairead Walpole
  46. The Power of Free Books by Qwantu Amaru
  47. Promote Yourself by Promoting Fellow Authors by Barbara Grovner (B. Grovner)
  48. Promote Your Work? Why? by Edward Talbot
  49. Publicize Your Book!! Marketing Plan By Elicia Clegg
  50. Radio Interviews and How to Get Asked Back by Chuck Collins
  51. Selling Your Books to Readers — Part I by Dr. Seymour Garte
  52. Selling Your Books to Readers — Part II by Dr. Seymour Garte
  53. Setting Up Author Events and Book Signings by Dog Ear Publishing
  54. So You Want to Become a Published Author by Roger Dean Kiser
  55. Starting an E-Publishing Company by Joan De La Haye
  56. Submitting to Literary Magazines 101: Professionalism by Vince Gotera
  57. Think Outside the Book by Cheryl Kaye Tardif
  58. TK Kenyon Talks About Book Marketing for the Introvert by TK Kenyon
  59. Twitter: How to Use It to Promote You and Your Books by John Marion Francis
  60. What Blogging Platform Should You Use by Pat Bertram
  61. What Are You Doing to Promote Yourself? How Are You Creating Name Recognition? by Sia McKye
  62. When Is the Best Time to Start Promoting Your Book? by Pat Bertram
  63. Writer Cliff Burns Talks About Book Promotion by Cliff Burns and Pat Bertram
  64. Writing Columns and Branding — An Interview with Aaron Paul Lazar
  65. Writing Cover Copy and Book Bios by Dog Ear Publishing

15 Responses to “Home/Index”

  1. Bobbie Hinman Says:

    Thank you for sharing your wealth of information. I am happy to see the things that I am doing right and even happier to see what I could be doing.

  2. Veronica A. McCall Says:

    Hello – and might I say “thanks” for this information already! My husband, Juan McCall, availed me of your site and information via links he rec’d through Facebook search and as I a recently published author and he’s on his way to being published, he thought I could benefit from ton of marketing assistance so, THANKS! My book is “Dear Sistahs” and was released just this past Fall. I will peruse the info here and I’m sure I’ll benefit from much of it!

  3. Arcelia Howson Says:

    books online are great, wether they are e-books or conventional hardbound and paperback books ”~

  4. Jackie Paulson Author Says:

    Hey this list is the best ever, thanks for this list. I am wanting to learn all about ebooks and publishing so I can get off my ____ and publish books of my own!

  5. johnnydrhodes Says:

    I’m going to have to have a very good look at this! Good site and please have a look at mine!


    John 🙂

  6. knightofswords Says:

    This is a very helpful place for writers.


  7. Candice Coghill Says:

    Your compilation is, to say the least, breath-taking ! Thank you so much. I’m passing on the link to my local writers’ critique group.

  8. Book Marketing Ideas Says:

    Learning habit will definitely improve the knowledge of a person….Great post with valuable information….Thanks for the information provided by you…I really like your post….

  9. Ave Says:

    This is the best list I’ve ever seen. This would be very helpful for me.

  10. Stella Bakshi Says:

    Simply wanna input that you have a very decent website , I like the pattern it really stands out.

  11. Jeremy fuller Says:

    Thank you so much for the list. It’s really helpful to me.
    web sms service

  12. dwallock Says:

    Amazing list of articles and resources!

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