Promote Yourself by Promoting Fellow Authors by Barbara Grovner (B. Grovner)

The literary world can be as cut-throat as a half-price sale on electronics at Best Buy. It’s a world that draws crowds of authors and writers with imagination and dreams, and each and every one of us believe we can become the newest and hottest best-selling author; the truth is . . . we can. Just like in the music business or in Hollywood, musicians and actors’ dreams can be realized by simply being in the right place at the right time.

I began writing professionally in 2006, and was busy learning the business from the ground, up. I quickly realized how word of mouth can be one of the greatest marketing tools, especially if you speak occasionally about other attention grabbing topics in everyday life. We, as humans, love listening and voicing our opinions and thoughts on everyday issues, and we love to interact with others to gain info or simply gossip about nothing. We listen when people recommend simple solutions to problems, recipes or the hottest, new movies to see.

I promote a few authors everyday through Facebook where all it takes is a click of the ‘SHARE’ button. I also write reviews for those authors who have peaked my interest, and whose novels I have read. I involve myself with the everyday subjects that come up on FB as well. Being friendly and keeping a smile in my words helps with building relationships online as well as potential readers of my work. I believe we all can use a hand-up in the literary world where there are so many obstacles to keep us from reaching our dreams and goals. The mere mention of a title or an author can prompt curiosity from a potential reader, not to mention noticing the fact that it was YOU who mentioned it. Your support will not be overlooked. The way I see it…it’s a win, win situation.


Barbara Grovner is a graduate of Northeast Broadcasting School in Cambridge, Massachusetts and now attends Florida State College where she is working on a degree in journalism. She has raised three children, who are grown with families of their own.

EVEN NUMBERS is B. Grovner’s first book and is a story of a young girl who was molested by her father and then ultimately raised by him. She would like to keep the subject of child molestation and child rape in the forefront of our minds.

B. Grovner has written a murder mystery using Boston, Massachusetts as the backdrop. COLD CRAZY is a story of a young beautiful nurse who has been brutally and senselessly murdered in a parking garage. COLD SERIAL also a murder mystery about a serial killer on the loose in the streets of Boston. She has recently signed with a literary agent.

B. Grovner lives in Florida where she writes full-time and enjoys long walks on the beach.

EVEN NUMBERS is available as an ebook for Kindle and Nook for just $.99.

2 Responses to “Promote Yourself by Promoting Fellow Authors by Barbara Grovner (B. Grovner)”

  1. Jeffrey Siger Says:

    Hi Pat and Barbara,
    Long time no talkie. Pat…and it’s all my fault, though I am a dedicated reader of all the great things you post. And, Barbara, I couldn’t agree with you more about the benefits of being unselfish. Frankly, I find mystery writers to be among the most generous in sharing praise, and among the finest examples of that are my blogmates on MURDER IS EVERYWHERE (Cara Black, Leighton Gage, Tim Hallinan, Yrsa Sigurdardottir, Michael Stanley, and Dan Waddell). My personal philosophy on the subject of rooting for your friends’ success–and doing what you can to help them along the way is simple: Since one cannot expect to win every award or write every best seller isn’t it nicer when all that comes to a friend?

    • Pat Bertram Says:

      Hi, Jeffrey! So you’re one of those involved with the Murder is Everywhere blog. Way cool!

      I’ve pretty much given up on the idea of making it big (though you never know what will happen) so I’m just having fun getting to know people through my Facebook groups and by doing interviews. I don’t have an interview from you yet! I hope you will play along. You can find the questions and instructions here:

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