More Sites For Marketing Your Books Online

Max Sindell of Red Room says:

Well I may be a little biased, but I came across this great resource and saw that you didn’t mention Red Room. We have thousands of authors including some of the greats like Salman Rushdie and Amy Tan, and an entirely free and elegantly designed site.

I apologize for the promotion, but it’s a seriously powerful tool for writers, and a great place for people who love books.

(Book Marketing Floozy says: no need to apologize, Max. All good leads are welcome.) provides a place where authors and publishers can still market their books in the same place that they can be purchased. allows members to use free article and Press release tools that embeds their book as part of the article, and readers have the opportunity of locating and buying the subject book directly from, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, as well as corresponding UK and Canadian online booksellers. Additionally, the members’ public profile provides links to multiple books specified by the member, as well as the member’s own website. BiblioScribe membership is also free as well as an account on the BiblioScribe Blog.

(Book Marketing Floozy says: The BiblioScribe as was comment spam that got through the filters, but it seems worth checking out.)


Mark, a reader of this blog, says: The Young Writers Society and The Writers Society are both great websites too.

And Book Marketing Floozy found this great site: How to Market Your Writing and Books Online.

Feel free to post any other worthwhile links under comments.

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  1. marketing book shop Says:

    Great! Thank you for your post.

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